The Son of God Movie

son_of_god_movieA flood of Christian-based movies are being produced for release in the next few years. People are interested in Biblical subjects again, and consumers are voting for faith-based movies with their dollars.

Son of God came to theaters February 28, 2014. This major motion picture event brings the story of Jesus’ life to audiences of all kinds through compelling cinematic storytelling and an extraordinary powerful and inspirational journey.

Producers and Actress Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel, The Bible) and Mark Burnett (The Voice, Survivor) brought the epic miniseries “The Bible” to television audiences around the world. Mixing adventure, action and drama with authentic tales from biblical history, the series drew acclaim for retelling the stories in a way relevant to today’s audiences.

Now, the larger-than-life story of The New Testament gets a larger-than life treatment in the stand-alone feature SON OF GOD.

From producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, SON OF GOD brings the story of Jesus Christ to theaters February 28th, 2014.


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