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Enoch_ChristmasIn the “A Coming Flood” novel series author J.L. Thompson chronicles the lives of several of the original icons of humanity and the events that shaped the history of the early world: Adam, Eve, Seth, Cain, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch, Lamech and Noah.

Enoch was the scribe and a central figure of these earliest recorded times and the eyewitness to the events of this epoch who recorded them for the benefit of future generations. It is in bringing his original writings to light that the author merges historical reporting with dramatic storytelling to relate the important and intriguing events that eventually led to a worldwide catastrophe.

Enoch, seventh from Adam, began as an unremarkable “lad” with a speech impediment, but rose to the call to help his people in perilous times. Technological implementations and diabolical deceit were destroying the people, their civilization, and the very planet, and Enoch sought feverishly to gather out those who would listen to his message before the end came crashing down on them in planetary upheaval.

This first book of the A Coming Flood series is titled Enoch in the City of Adam, and chronicles the early years of young Enoch, the seventh from Adam. As a mere “lad” Enoch is not the most obvious choice to lead his people, being smaller and weaker than most of the young men of his village and having a speech impediment that makes him appear weak to many. Nonetheless, Father Adam recognizes in him one who will rise to the call to help his people when perilous times threaten on the horizon.

Watchers, fallen angels, demons, giants, raiders, armies and Father Cain create intrigue as darkness hangs an ominous cloud over the land and young Enoch seems destined to take the weight of the troubled world on his narrow shoulders. The boy comes face to face with the reality of evil and employs every mental and spiritual power at his disposal to combat it.

This is not your typical Sunday School or Bible Study treatment of the subject matter, but a comprehensive course that includes accounts and histories from several ancient texts, the most reliable of which have contributed to the telling of these antediluvian adventures. The world before the Flood was a cruel, dangerous and sophisticated place to exist. Satan, with his demons, fallen angels and fallen Watchers, meted out knowledge of sin, technology and weaponry with the purpose in mind of destroying God’s children and their planetary home. Sophisticated weaponry and technologies are a constant subject of the ancient texts, and author J.L. Thompson incorporates that unwieldy knowledge into the A Coming Flood novel series to demonstrate the global path of destruction pursued for over 1,000 years by those who knew God, but rejected Him and his chosen emissaries.

A Coming Flood, Volume One: Enoch in the City of Adam.

Sobering, challenging and inventive —” Deseret News.

Detailed characterization appears to be a strength and a passion for this author. He has a fairly extensive vocabulary and uses it to build vivid pictures. . .  Thompson’s grasp of language lends itself well to his goal of humanizing characters many have only read about in brief, scriptural accounts.” Jaymie Reynolds—the Association for Mormon Letters



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